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Explore the famous prehistoric caves

Our campsite Corrèze is less than 100km from the Lascaux Caves, enjoy the advantageous situation of our establishment!
Discovered by four teenagers in 1940, the prehistoric cave of Lascaux is world famous for the number and the beauty of the parietal paintings of which it is adorned. Open to the public in 1948, the cave suffers from overcrowding: the following year, the first signs of alteration of the walls appear. A disturbing change in the balance of the air (carbon dioxide, humidity, temperature) was also noticed in 1955. In 1963, the colonization of paintings by green algae forced the closure of the cave to the public. In 1970 the construction of a facsimile begins: Lascaux II will open in 1983.

Today, the visitors of the famous cave have a set composed of the first facsimile, an international exhibition and a center of parietal art: Lascaux II, Lascaux III and Lascaux IV are located in Montignac, in the valley of the Vézère. The facsimile Lascaux II allows you to discover a part of the cave to the identical: buried underground, this reconstruction concerns the bull room and the axial diverticulum, whose walls had the highest density of paintings and the works more impressive. Before the visit, two chambers retrace the history of Lascaux and explain the prehistoric artistic techniques reproduced for the creation of the twin cave.

Since 2012, Lascaux III also reproduces parts of the original cave called the Nave and the Well. This replica, traveling, allowed to discover the famous cave abroad. Finally, the international center for Lascaux IV parietal art was created in 2016. This time it includes an integral replica of all the decorated parts of the cave. The site offers 8000 m2 of interactive visit based on many digital media: augmented reality, multidimensional screens … Lascaux will have no secrets for you!

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Ville de Montignac Les Grottes de Lascaux
Découvrir Les Grottes de Lascaux

Holidays close to the Lascaux Caves

Enjoy your stay in the Dordogne valley to discover a major prehistoric site worldwide: located just 100 km from your campsite Gibanel, the caves of Lascaux can be reached in less than 1h30 by car. A nice idea for a day trip!
A tributary of the Dordogne, the Vézère concentrates on its banks an extraordinary density of prehistoric sites. The most famous of them, Lascaux, is located on the heights of Montignac. From the Gibanel campsite, the fastest way to get there is to take the D1120 towards Tulle to Laguenne. Then head towards Brive-la-Gaillarde along the river Corrèze. Avoid the center of Brive by forking on the D1089 to join the A20. Then take the A20 motorways towards Montauban then A89 towards Périgueux. Exit to Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche. 2 km further, turn towards Les Farges and continue to Montignac. In the village, the avenue de Lascaux will take you to the site, very well reported.
We can only advise you, in season, to book your tickets online before your visit. Once there, you can enjoy your visit to Montignac to visit also the park of Thot and other prehistoric sites nearby. The ticket office of Lascaux offers you twin passes allowing you to reach the international center Lascaux IV and Thot, Lascaux II and Thot, or Lascaux IV and the geological sites of the Grand Roc and Laugerie Basse.

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